The WineBuddie Story

How many times have you heard someone ask "Honey, could you please hold my wine glass?".   If you're anything like us, it's probably too many to count.  Wine and wine-related activities are an important part of our lifestyle and for years we've struggled at wine events and festivals trying to balance the wine glass, eat, shop and socialize.  We bought an assortment of other wine holders with disappointing results and we ended up either giving them away or just tossing them out.  Apparently we weren't alone!  There had to be a better solution!

So, several years ago,  we fashioned a pair of wine glass holders for our own use.  Every place we took these, people would stop and ask us where we got them, to which we replied "We made them!".   We could have sold them a hundred times over.   After I retired in late-2016 from 30+ years in corporate America, combined with the outpouring of encouragement we received, the idea of WINEBUDDIE® was born.

After days of design and planning, we searched through our stockpile of project leftovers in the garage and built a fixture to produce WINEBUDDIE® in larger quantities with consistent results.   WINEBUDDIE #1 was made of 6-gauge copper wire primarily because that was all we had on hand, but it ended up being the best material to use in developing the bending fixture.  It was really cool,  but too heavy for something you'd wear around your neck for any length of time.   It wouldn't stand up to the repeated bending when adjusting to any size of glass.... plus it was expensive!

After a few tweaks to the process, we ended up with the WINEBUDDIEs that we are now offering to the public!  Each one is made by hand in our garage where we manually form the "body" and in the kitchen or in front of the TV where we attach the necklace to make the completed WINEBUDDIE®.   In December 2017 we received our official Trademark Registration from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

We hope you enjoy using WINEBUDDIE® as much as we enjoy making them for you.  We've had a lot of fun doing it and have met some wonderful and supportive people since this journey began.  Of course you can buy WINEBUDDIE on this site, however we are also at various wine-related events and cam find them in some of the finer tasting rooms in Northern California.


Craig & Karla


Craig Garcia


Karla Garcia



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