WINEBUDDIE® was made to simplify your wine tasting experience at parties and events and other occasions where wine is served.  Weighing less than one ounce, WINEBUDDIE is made of aluminum and can be adjusted to fit virtually any size of wine glass by simply applying even pressure in any direction to fit your glass. WINEBUDDIE will even accommodate stem-less wine glasses, including Govino® !

  • WINEBUDDIE® fits any size wine glass, including stem-less .   Before inserting your glass, gently bend it in any direction until it fits.   Remember to do this before inserting as we’ve actually tried to insert  first and then bend…. so trust us on this!
  • WINEBUDDIE can be bent repeatedly to fit multiple wine glass sizes and styles.   Large bowl glasses at home and small bowl glasses at your next wine event?  Bring it on!
  • You can quickly insert and remove your glass without spilling your beverage.  Have you ever been wine tasting and were asked to remove your glass from its holder?    Good luck doing this quickly with those other wine glass holders.  This is a snap with WineBuddie.
  • WINEBUDDIE doesn’t block the view of what’s in your glass. Was that red wine or white wine your were drinking?
  • WINEBUDDIE® is there to make you look good.  It won’t fight with your outfit.  If you’ve seen those ugly fabric wine glass holders, you know what we mean!
  • The necklace is made of strong yet comfortable nylon cord and comes in a variety of solid and multi-colors.  You can color-coordinate to whatever outfit you are wearing!  Decisions… decisions!
  • WINEBUDDIE® frees your hands so you can shop, eat, socialize or do anything else where you need to free your hands.  That's how this all started after being asked "Honey, could you please hold my glass?" more times than we can count!
  • WINEBUDDIE is so light weight you won’t even know you are wearing it.  But everyone else will see it and ask you where you got it!

"Honey, could you please hold my wine glass?"



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  • Over 20 necklace colors are currently available.   Each WINEBUDDIE® comes with the aluminum wine glass holder and the necklace color of your choice.
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